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Press releases

September 17, 2013: Completion Cool Energy Project: AVR cools offices with their own residual heat. Original title: Oplevering Cool Energy project: AVR koelt kantoren met eigen restwarmte

September 10, 2013: SolabCool opens production for energy-efficient cooling systems. Original title: SolabCool opent productie voor energiezuinige koelstystemen

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Demonstration project Merits

April 15,2015: European demonstration project (Merits) for energy storage and energy conversion via Solar energy using the Solabcool for cooling.

Demonstration and test project Solar Cooling 2015-2017 Warsaw (Poland) and Lleida (Spain). Click here


Container with all the equipment


Inside the container. Blue cover contains the SolabCool.


Opening of the container in the paper.


Last week we delivered a special pilot project to the Sustainable energy department of the HAN university of applied sciences. The SolabCool participates in a special project with the HAN. In this pilot our SolabCool will not only be used for cooling but for heating as well. The HAN has a greenhouse which houses special demonstration projects as well as our SolabCool. They will use solar collectors and a buffer vessel to supply heat for the Solabpump. For this reason we have built the SolabCool in a special casing, in which the students can easily reach all the flow gauges, and all the pipework is easily traceable as well. We also supplied a customized electronic control in which the students can make adjustments. This way the students gain insight, in the technique in the real life form, and how they can influence it.