The SolabCascade is unique because it is modular and scalable. The SolabCool technology ensures a comfortable temperature in an office or a different building. The SolabCascade is made up of SolabPumps. A SolabPump has a maximum power of 5 kW (nominal 4 kW). By using multiple SolabPumps in a cascade set-up applying the maximum installed power in steps of 5 kW (nominal 4 kW) can be extended.

The SolabPump is unique in the way that cooling is generated. The SolabCool technology uses excess heat to provide cooling. Read more about the principle of operation under SolabCool technology.

Experience speaks for itself

Of course, we can tell you why you need to enable sustainable cooling, but experience and completed projects say much more. Therefore, you will find some more examples of our work under Projects.


If you require more information about the products SolabCool, such as brochures, user manual or installation specification texts, look under support and see the various downloads with additional information.