About us

Solabcool products are produced by ARES B.V., short for Applied Renewable Energy Storage. ARES focuses on the development, production and sale of heat pumps. For more information, visit the website www.aressystems.nl.


Ares B.V. works together with a number of parties. First of all, there is a warm cooperation with the Beijer RTB BV. This company, founded in 1985 by Henk de Beijer, is specialized in applying sustainable energy techniques. De Beijer RTB advises and assists with the sale of SolabCool. Recently, ARES BV has been working together with JAZO Zevenaar BV, the expert in the field of access, screening and ventilation of technical areas. JAZO Zevenaar advises and assists in the production and sales of SolabCool. In addition to these two strategic partnerships, knowledge is regularly shared with universities and knowledge institutions. EIT KIC InnoEnergy. SolabCool uses solar energy, waste heat and energy from combined heat and power to generate cooling. EIT has made it possible to start the production and market introduction of the SolabCool chiller and pumps. Want to know more?