SolabCool - cooling with heat -

SolabCool is an environmental friendly cooling system with minimal CO2 emission that uses residual heat that is normally lost to the environment.

Key to the sustainability of SolabCool is the “sorption cooling” technology. This technology uses heat as a source of energy through which energy is saved.

The SolabCool cooling system is an unique and ground-breaking sorption system by its compactness and range of power the ability is obtained to be used in both buildings as well as homes. Each room gets a pleasant temperature. Because of the use of water as a coolant, the system can easily be connected to the floor heating for example.

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District heating

Cooling in the summer

Cooling in the summerMaximizing energy efficiency by optimally utilizing residual heat.

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Solar energy

Cooling from the sun

Cooling from the sunUsing heat from solar collectors with virtually no CO2 emissions or additional costs.

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Combined heat / power

Cooling with waste heat

Cooling with waste heatThe use of waste heat is an excellent way to utilize energy more efficiently.

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