Solar Energy

The demand for cooling is increasing. Higher comfort requirements of buildings and consumers, combined with longer summers and rising temperatures, do increase the global demand for cooling. By utilizing solar energy with the SolabCool products, cooling can be obtained in an economical, sustainable and energy efficient way. The simultaneous availability of heat from solar collectors combined with the need for cooling due to high solar radiation, makes the SolabCool system particularly efficient.

Key Benefits SolabCool

  • Increased comfort in your home or building by free cooling.
  • In homes and buildings there is a growing demand for sustainable cooling.
  • You use available energy.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by using solar collectors.
  • Cooling at a lower cost.

Reduced CO2 emission

The products of SolabCool need heat to power its system. The required temperature is between 60 and 95 ° C. This heat can be produced by means of solar thermal collectors. This makes it possible to cool with heat and reduce CO2 emission at a low cost. Cooling with air conditioning ensures substantial CO2 emissions. This can be significantly reduced by the use of SolabCool products.